a week at elveden centre parcs

Written By Kate Hayden-Ellis - January 30 2012


April 25 2012

Lovely photos. Looks and snouds like you had a great time. The villa looks gorgeous!!In the 8 years I’ve been with my husband we’ve been to Centre Parcs 7 times! We first took Charles in October/November 2009 when he was 5 months old then whilst we were there booked our next holiday there, in the same villa, four months later!We only go to Longleat even though Elveden is considerably closer. But it is too close to the In Laws so we’d never go.Its so expensive now that this will be the first year we haven’t gone. I’m quite gutted. I loved our tradition of going there.

helen eynon
January 30 2012

Sounds a brilliant place for families.
Shame about the moobs, but that’s life these days – men can’t all be as lovely as Evie’s Dad & Grandad :)!

Gillian Hayden
January 30 2012

Love your blog and your model in the pics! Your comments about “big” people and then Evie stuffing her face with a bun the size of the moon – what’s that all about! xxxxx

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