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Written By Kate Hayden-Ellis - September 12 2012


September 21 2012

here is mine!! thanks!

Samantha Walters
September 21 2012

Thank you for running this competition ladies. I have really enjoyed immersing myself with the beauty of the season this week.
I have however gained many a virtual pound gazing at photos of lovely autumnal food (puddings, mostly) shakes fist :)

Tina Holmes
September 21 2012

Lynsey Buchanan
September 21 2012

really enjoyed making my board hope you enjoy viewing it

September 20 2012
Thanks for a great competition, it was so fun!

Viv Gilbey
September 20 2012

Here’s mine! Had fun making it!

Germaine Mcelwaine
September 20 2012
Here is my link, my board has totally consumed me, great fun. Next i’m thinking Winter wonderland?

victoria brook
September 20 2012

Heres my board, so excited my husband had to stop me otherwise id still be pinning here hee

Lynne Milligan
September 20 2012

here’s my cosy autumn board. What a great comp. Kept me busy for ages!

Georgina Foote
September 20 2012

I realllly got in to this. Spent cosy nights pinning. When I’m bored, I pin. Great pastime. Although makes you want everything! Anyway, here’s my board. Inspiration from every corner of autumn.

Great competetion, thanks. Had fun.

Lorraine Saeed
September 20 2012

Here’s my cosy board :)

September 20 2012

Here is my board x x x x

Naomi K
September 19 2012

Hi, this is my ‘Cosy Autumn’ board:

Hopefully my perfect Autumn comes true :)

Marie-Francoise de Saint-Quirin
September 19 2012

My board.

fritha strickland
September 18 2012 crossing fingers! x

Kathryn MacKinnon Cook
September 17 2012

Here’s my one featuring my little boy!

Sam Fernley
September 17 2012

I’m slightly Autumn obsessed, it’s the best season by far. Here is my link:

thanks, Sam @happyhomebird x

Susan Martin
September 17 2012

Here is my board

Really enjoyed this competition and both companies have lovely stuff

emma russell
September 17 2012

Amazing competition! Happy Autumn

September 16 2012

Here’s my pinboard

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